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HYDROS Salinity and Conductivity Probe Kit


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Lab Grade K-10 Salinity/Conductivity Probe Kit

The HYDROS Salinity Kit includes a conductivity probe, 28 ppt calibration solution (100mL), and 35 ppt calibration solution (100mL).

Kit Includes:

  • High-range K-10 Conductivity Probe
  • 28 ppt Calibration Solution (100mL)
  • 35 ppt Calibration Solution (100mL)

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 20 to 2000mS/cm
  • Operating Temp: 0-80C
  • Constant: K=10
  • Housing: POM
  • Probe Dimensions: 12 x 145mm
  • Contction: BNC
  • Cable Length: 3ft

How to Install:

Locate the Salinity BNC socket on the conductivity meter/controller and twist clockwise to make the connection. Perform two-point calibration per meter’s operation manual to ensure accuracy.


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