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About Us

Specializing in Saltwater and Reef Aquariums

We sell and specialize in everything you need for a successful saltwater and reef aquarium. If there is something we are out of stock of or an item we do not carry we can almost always get it. Our live stock is housed in a large coral system which also houses inverts and some fish as well as we have an additional 700 gallons of saltwater fish only tanks and 750 gallons of live rock bins. We carry a range of products from many of the best companies in the industry including protein skimmers, T5 and LED lighting, internal and external pumps and much more for your aquarium. The selection of dry goods offered is constantly evolving as the hobby changes and advances are made to serve you better.

Located in Vermillion, Ohio

dry goods

Specializing in saltwater and reef aquariums, custom aquarium setups and maintenance we are located in Vermilion Ohio about 30 minutes west of Cleveland and within a short distance of State Route 2. Our store is directly behind McDonalds and Conrads Tire Center right off the lake on Liberty Ave.

Established in 2000

salty critter live stock

Since opening in 2000 and after all these years we still strive to offer the best combination of high quality healthy fish, coral, and, live rock at low prices and with the friendly knowledgeable service and honest advice you both want and deserve.  If you are in the area, come check us out, you will be glad you did!


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