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Spectrapure Ultra-Precise Auto Top Off System – LLC-UPLC-ATO-115


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SpectraPure’s NEW Ultra-Precise Auto Top-Off System now offers 10 pump speed settings and 10 duty cycle settings making it the most adjustable ATO on the market. Easily programmed to deliver as little as 6 ml/min (0.1 gph), or as much as 190 ml/min (3 gph), the new Ultra-Precise ATO may be used in either fill or drain mode, and is capable of delivering water up to 60 feet above source or drawing water from 25 feet below! That’s because, like it’s predecessor UPLC-II, the new Ultra-Precise ATO incorporates our ultra-dependable, kalkwasser and run-dry safe LiterMeter Gen-6 Peristaltic Pump. Thanks to the super-grip force of our newly developed Magnetic Probe Holders, liquid level sensor & limit tubes are held firmly in place…right where you set them…and will work in tanks with wall thickness up to 3/4 inch! Switching power supply included.

• LiterMeter Gen-6 peristaltic pump
• Unsurpassed pump reliablility
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Longest lasting peristaltic tubing on the market
• Quietest running pump on the market
• Kalkwasser Safe
• No harm if pump is run dry
• Easy set up and programming
• 10 duty cycle settings
• 10 pump speed settings
• Fluid level sensor tube with unique ability to set high/low levels from 0.1 inch to 3 inches
• Increased reliability over optical sensors
• High-limit sensor tube with redundant circuitry for safety backup
• Super-magnet probe holder with non-slip polymer backing
• Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty

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