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Eshopps Power Flow 1200 Overflow Box


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New to ESHOPPS Color Series Oceana Class, POWER FLOW overflow box. POWER FLOW overflow box effectively transports aquarium water to your under cabinet sumps, refugiums, or biological filters such as, ESHOPPS FUSION FLOW filters. POWER FLOW overflows are constructed of high quality acrylic which incorporates a recessed cover for the external overflow box and a significantly slimmer internal pre-filter box that reduces water flow splash and noise. The U-tube style compact overflow boxes are designed to fit between your tank and wall to minimize space usage. POWER FLOW features 1” bulkhead fitting(s) for convenient installation. ESHOPPS, POWER FLOW overflow box is the easiest most convenient method for transporting your aquarium’s water to your under cabinet filtration.


Quiet performance
Significantly slimmer Pre-Filter box
Smoke U-tube


Model Dimensions Tank usage
PF-300 6″x3″x10″ 30-75g Single
PF-800 8″x3″x10″ 75-125g Single
PF-1000 9″x3″x10″ 125-150g Dual
PF-1200 10″x3″x10″ 150-200g Dual


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