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GEO calcium reactors

GEO's Reef Calcium Reactors

GEO's Reef takes pride in every piece of equipment built and no matter how small or how large every item is built with the same exacting standards.  Only high grade materials, fittings, and accessories are used and all of the machining is performed in house to ensure proper fit and finish before assembly. Every edge is beveled, every joint bonded into a socket, every cut hand polished. Proudly producing quality products and providing customer service for over a decade right here in the USA.

Geo CR612x2 Calcium Reactor

Dual 6" diameter chambers, 16" tall, holds 16 pounds of media

Geo CR618 Calcium Reactor

6" diameter, 22" tall, holds 8 pounds of media

Geo CR624 Calcium Reactor

6" diameter, 29" tall, holds 16 pounds of media

Geo CR818 Calcium Reactor

8" diameter, 24" tall, holds 24 pounds of media

Geo CR1218 Calcium Reactor

12" diameter, 24" tall, holds 50 pounds of media

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