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Tunze Turbelle Stream Water Circulation Pumps

Tunze Stream pumps come in both controllable and non-controllable models. The controllable Tunze Stream 6105 and 6155 pumps along with the Tunze NanoStream 6055 and 6095 are variable speed DC pumps. These controllable Tunze Stream pumps, when paired with an appropriate controller like one made by Tunze or a Neptune AquaController Apex, are able to speed up and down as well as stop and start at preprogrammed intervals. The Tunze 6105 is the most popular model and with the two different output sizes included with the pump will work for most aquariums from 4 to 8 feet in length. The Tunze 6155's main benefit over the 6105 is the strength of the magnet mount being increased up to 1.06" from .6" as well as a mild increase in flow speed.

Non-controllable Tunze stream pumps like the 6065, 6085, 6125 as well as the NanoStream 6025 and 6045 are one speed AC pumps. Tunze non-controllable pumps are not designed for use on a wavemaker and on/off cycles should be limited to no shorter than 15 minute intervals.

If you need help picking the right Tunze Stream pumps for your aquarium, call or send us an email and we would be glad to offer our assistance.

Tunze Non-Controllable Stream Pumps

Flow Rate - 1717gph

Flow Rate - 2113gph

Flow Rate - 3170gph

Tunze Controllable Stream Pumps

Flow Rate - 792 to 3434gph

Flow Rate - 1057 to 3963gph

Flow Rate - 1300 to 4800gph

Tunze Controllers, Magnets, and Replacement Parts

7096, 7095, 7092


Tunze Controllable Stream Kits

Includes two 6105 pumps and 7095 controller

Includes four 6105 pumps and 7095 controller




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