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VHO, Power compact, and Metal Halide lighting by Hamilton, PFO, Aqua Medic and more
In a reef aquarium lighting is one of if not the single most important aspects of a successful setup. Most corals sold in the aquarium trade have some kind of lighting requirement due to the fact that they are photosynthetic. Varying from "low-light" soft corals such as mushrooms and green star polyps which may only need one or two vho or power compact lamps to intense light requiring clams and acropora which need a strong light source such as metal halide. Below are a list of aquarium lighting options in vho, power compact, T5, and metal halide that can be combined and configured to fit the needs of any reef aquarium.
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VHO retrofits - including IceCap ballast, bulbs, endcaps, and standoffs
VHO bulbs - from URI, the best fluorescent bulbs on the market
VHO ballasts

             Vue660 Electronic T5/VHO Ballast
             Replacement and Extention Harnesses for IceCap Ballasts

Mounting Hardware and Parts - standoffs, bulb racks, etc..


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