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AquaIllumination LED Lighting
AquaIllumination LED Lighting Controllers

AquaIllumination Wireless Controller

With a vivid display and built-in wireless capability our new controller is sure to make managing your lighting very colorful. Can be used with Vega, Hydra, or with SOL (SOL needs optional wireless adaptor)

Weather Effects
Setup sweeping cloud cover which travels across your light fixtures. Add lightning to the mix for the ultimate in realistic weather effects.


  • Wireless
  • Intuitive
  • Sweeping Clouds & Lightning
  • Up to 30 Timers
  • 6-Key Touch Sensitve Controls
  • Increased Menu Options
  • Energy Saver screen mode
  • Includes USB Adapter

For more information on AquaIllumination Products we suggest viewing their youtube channel





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