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Cyclop-eeze freezerbar zooplankton
This product is no longer available
Cyclop-eeze freezerbar zooplankton
Cyclop-eeze Freezerbar

Cyclop-eeze is a unique form of zooplankton, one of the many types of copepods found throughout the earth’s waters. It is unique from other copepods in that the habitat Cyclop-eeze are “farmed” in, is unlike any other, producing a species which has superior nutrition compared to similar organisms. The icy cold arctic salt lake which these organisms have evolved in has provided Cyclop-eeze with exceptional levels of the important fatty acids (Omega 3) which are so benefical to aquatic life (especially Marine organisms). EPA 11.7% and DHA of 11.09% levels are amongst the highest found in a non-algae source. The brief growth and reproduction season of arctic life has allowed this organism to develop with multiple generational resting eggs, providing an uncommon intergenerational gene pool mixing.

Small pieces can easily be cut or broken off and dropped in aquarium. Within seconds organisms will thaw and enter into suspension allowing filter feeders and others to consume this highly nutritious feed in similar fashion to how reef organisms feed in their natural environment.

Especially suited to zooplankton feeders due to the size of the organism, 750-800 micron.

Can be used as a highly nutritious fry feed - does not require HUFA enrichment due to naturally high Omega 3 fatty acids


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