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Ro and RODI units along with replacement cartidges and membranes
We carry a wide range of RO and RODI products from Spectrapure, one of the top names in water purification. Pure fresh water is the base of your aquarium and a RO or RODI unit is one of the best investments you can make towards long term success in saltwater and reef aquariums. Tap water contains many impurities and additives that can cause algea outbreaks and possibly harm your animals if level are high enough. Even a basic RO unit will give you 96% or purer water than straight from the tap.

We also carry replacement cartridges and membranes to fit your existing unit. RODI cartridges and membranes are interchangable so any standard 10" unit will except the ones we sell even if from another brand such as Kent for example. If you have any questions about what you may need to purchase or advise feel free to call or email.

RO and RODI Water Purification Units


Replacement Sediment, Carbon Block, and DI Resin Cartridges

Reverse Osmosis Accessories and Addons



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