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Protein skimmers from ATB, Vertex, Bubble King, Reef Octopus

Protein Skimmers from Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus, Tunze and more

A high quality protein skimmer can make one of the biggest impacts to your saltwater aquarium's water quality and the overall health of your fish and coral. Aquarium protein skimmers come in a wide range sizes from small to huge, of varying styles from external, in-sump, and hang-on models. As well as designs including beckett injection, downdraft, needlewheel, and venturi driven. All these choices can make picking the best protein skimmer for your reef or fish only saltwater aquarium a daunting task. Pinwheel or also called needlewheel protein skimmers have become the dominate type in today's hobby and most of what we offer. This is largely due to the many benefits of this design including low power consumption, decreased noise, and increased efficiency of these protein skimmers. With this design, the fins you would find on a standard water pump impeller, have been replaced with multiple small pins mounted to the magnet. This is refered to as a needlewheel or pinwheel impeller. Also on the intake of the skimmer pump a venturi is mounted. A vacuum is created as water is pulled in and it pulls air into the pump as well. This air and water mixture is in the form of "large" bubbles which are then finely chopped into large volumes of tiny bubbles by the needleweel and then the mixture is pumped into the protein skimmer's body and rises thru the column.

We carry protein skimmers from companies that we feel work well, are willing to recommend to our customers, and use on our personal aquariums. When comparing you will find a wide range of models in both terms of price and performance. If you have any questions, need help picking a protein skimmer for your fish only or reef saltwater aquarium, or are looking for one not listed below, drop us an email.

Bubble Magus

Reef Octopus
Reef Octopus offers a wide range or skimmers including hang on and insump models. Octopus hang-on skimmers work well on tanks up to 75-90 gallons in size depending on model purchased. The Reef Octopus NWB protein skimmers offer good perfomance for a modest price for aquariums up to about 300 gallons. The XS Diablo Extreme line is Octopus's mid range skimmers with a Sicce pump in place of the Octopus OTP pump.

Super Reef Octopus
The Super Reef Octopus skimmers, which utilize the extremely powerful yet quiet Bubble Blaster pump, are some of the best bang for the buck protein skimmers you can buy anywhere. These SRO models are offered in a wide range of designs including standard in-sump protein skimmers, external recirculating, full cone body options, and even space savers for those with limited space.

Sea Side Aquatics
Tunze Protein Skimmers

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