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Neptune PMUP Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump v2


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This version of the PMUP must be used with a Neptune Apex controller WITH EB832 or 1Link Module, it cannot be used stand alone.


Automatic shut off when dry
Over-temperature protection
Stands upright on new removable screen
Easier to clean and maintain

The PMUP is a 24VDC submersible pump that was designed to directly connect to the DC24 accessory ports on either the 1Link module OR the same ports on the new Energy Bar 832.  If you own our WAV powerheads or our new Apex, then you have a place to plug it in!  These ports are switchable and can power the pump on and off just like any other outlet on an Energy Bar.

The PMUP is a multi-purpose pump that can be used for many different tasks on your aquarium like:

Automatic Top-Off (ATO)
Carbon reactors
GFO reactors
Biopellet reactors
Many other salt or freshwater uses

Easy to connect with standard tubing and fittings

The PMUP Has a smooth, 3/8″ (9.5mm) output that will easily connect to silicon tubing or standard push-fit connectors like the one shown in the second image.


  • Dimensions – 4.58″ x 2.24″
  • Output – 100gph @ 0′
  • Max Head – 14′
  • Power – 17W


  • Apex (any model)
  • 1Link module or Energy Bar 832 with available DC24 accessory port

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