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VHO, Power compact, and Metal Halide lighting by Hamilton, PFO, Aqua Medic and more
T5 lighting has become one of the most popular choices for today's aquarists. T5 bulbs from ATI and UVL come in a wide array of color choices which gives you almost unlimited combinations to bring out the best in your coral's colors while still giving plenty of PAR for growth. With T5 aquarium lighting, especially when paired with a quality bent reflector, you get a great high powered light source with less heat than VHO or metal halide.
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T5 Lighting

T5 Bulbs, Ballasts and Parts

ATI T5 bulbs - Aquablue Special, Coral Plus, Purple Plus, Actinic 03, and Blue Plus

GE 6500K T5 bulbs - high par 6500K bulb

T5 ballasts

         Vue660 Electronic T5/VHO Ballast
Replacement and Extention Harnesses for IceCap Ballasts

T5 Mounting Hardware and Parts - IceCap SLR reflectors, endcaps and                                                              standoffs for T5 bulbs

T5 Fixtures and Retrofits

         Aqualight T5 HO Dual - 2 rows of bulb
         Aqualight T5 HO Lunar - 4 rows of bulbs with LED moonlights

LET T5 Retrofits with Miro4 Reflectors and Electronic Ballasts
T5 Retrofits with Coralvue Ballasts - Vue660 ballasts and reflectors along with ATI T5 bulbs


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