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SCWD 3/4 inch

SCWD is a water switching or current generating device. SCWD switches or alternates water in two or more directions, depending on set up. It is an excellent water current generator for both salt water and fresh water environments, whether tank or pond. The patent-pending device, which requires no electricity, directs water between two outlet ports at varying intervals. The higher the volume of water flowing through the SCWD, the faster the switching response.

Tested & approved for use with pump applications not to exceed 1400 GPH and a maximum of 5 psi with a min. rating of no less than 50 GPH.
Requires no additional energy
Sleek and compact
Only 4 1/2 X 5 inches
Hermetically sealed
Can be mounted externally or internally


The 1" SCWD from 3iQ Ventures was designed and built to the highest standards of Quality and Reliability. Designed with large aquarium and pond applications in mind, this device will provide increased water movement at higher volume rates. With its 1" standard threaded inlet and outlets, the device can be hard plumbed with PVC fittings, or soft plumbed using barbed fittings. The cap is removable, which allows for easy maintenance. With the new drive design, the 1" SCWD will run with pump applications from 500 GPH to 3500 GPH. Besides the obvious physical differences, the design of the 1" SCWD is targeted toward higher water volume output, with a substantially increased switching duration. A longer interval between switching cycles means better water movement penetration to the extreme areas of larger aquariums, providing your corals, invertebrates, and plants with longer periods of time between shifting currents.

The 1" SCWD comes preassembled with the standard drive assembly installed. With its efficient new design, the 1" SCWD allows the hobbyist to switch out drive assemblies and diverters to customize the output flow and switching duration to meet their specific water movement needs. (Additional drive assembly and carrier packages will be available for purchase separately)

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