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Tunze Turbelle Stream Controllers 7096, 7095, 7091
Tunze Turbelle Stream Controllers
Tunze 7091, 7095, and 7096 controllers are only compatible with Tunze controllable Stream DC pumps models 6055, 6000, 6100, 6200, 6101, 6201, 6301, 6105, 6205, 6305 as well as other non stream Tunze controllable pumps.
  Tunze Multicontroller 7095  
Tunze Multicontroller 7095

-wave simulation
-tidal current simulation
-night node operation including phtocell
-sequential pump circuit
-randome flow and food timer
-controls 4 Turbelle electronic or Stream 6101/6201/6301/6055 out of the box or up to 8 using Y adapters

New Functions on the Tunze Multicontroller 7095 vs the older 7094
-waterproof membrane on housing
-LED moonlight with 29-day moonphase
-two interval functions for tidal current control with alternating on/off switch
-display of the capacity of the pump connected
Tunze Multicontroller 7095
  Tunze 7096 Multicontroller  
Tunze 7096 Multicontroller

The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 can be used for controlling all Turbelle® pumps featuring electronic motors. The controller is configurable and can be programmed using a computer with USB connectivity. It features a 8-Bit high-performance microprocessor with memory maintaining the settings in the case of a power failure.

For setup by a computer, the Multicontroller does not have to be connected to the pumps. Upon completion and saving of the set-up on the computer, the data will also be saved in the Multicontroller.

The TUNZE® Multicontroller 7096 features the functions of Multicontroller 7095 and Wavecontroller 7092 as well as some new control options. It simulates the different ocean current conditions in the aquarium and features a particularly bright LED moonlight. 

Contents: Multicontroller with photocell / moonlight and holder, 5m USB cable, 4 connecting cables, CD with Windows-compatible control software. 

Can be used with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Mac.
Dimensions: L120 x W31 x H56mm
Tunze Multicontroller 7096
Tunze 7092 Wavecontroller

The new Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane keyboard is a control unit for all Turbelle® pumps with electronic motor. It is the perfect synthesis between Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 6091, and thus can synchronously or reciprocally control two Turbelle® pumps:
Wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time.
Oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of Nano Wavebox / Wavebox. Oscillating flow with Turbelle® pump for the operation of Turbelle® stream pumps.

Automatic search of the resonance frequency in case of oscillating flow. Ramp function for a gentle start of the pumps.
Foodtimer at the touch of a button; after about eight to ten minutes, a restart is carried out automatically.

If the Photo-Electric Cell 7094.05 (not included in the scope of delivery) is attached to the connecting port, the night-mode operation is activated automatically.
Tunze Wavecontroller 7092
Tunze Turbelle Controller Accessories


Tunze Y-Adapter 7092.340

Extends two output connections to 2 x 2 input connections; including four connection cables 7092.30



Tunze Saftey Connector

Turbelle® stream 6055, 6101, 6201, 6301, 6105, 6205 and 6305 are pumps fitted with an electronic motor. Thus, they can be operated on any direct-current source (battery, solar cells) from 10 V to 24 V. For a safe connection to the pump, we recommend the Turbelle® Safety Connector 6105.50, which contains a 4 amps fuse. The safety connector permits normal operation with the TUNZE® power supply unit, but in case of a power failure it will automatically switch over to a direct-current source.

Tunze Safety Connector
Tunze Stream Parts
All Tunze replacement parts are available, usually shipping approx. 1 week from time of order. Items below are in-stock and available for immediate shipping.


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