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Spectrapure Power Liquid Level Controller (LLC-PH)
Spectrapure Auto Top Off

Spectrapure Power Liquid Level Controller (LLC-PH)

SpectraPure® Power Liquid Level Controller uses a sensitive air pressure switch to energize or de-energize an AC outlet, which can be used to switch a power head or a 115 volt pump up to 3 Amps continuous duty. The unit can be set to turn a pump on or off with changing water level and is extremely useful for continuous water change systems

- For automatic replenishment of evaporated liquid on
systems which require AC electrical control
- Controls up to 3 Amp continuous duty pumps
and other 115 volt power heads
- Extremely useful for continuous water change
systems & other level control applications
- 5 feet of Remote sensor tubing provided

Spectrapure LLC-PH

Spectrapure Power Liquid Level Controller

• Fully automatic operation - Can be programmed for “fill     mode”or “drain mode”
• New and Improved Pump. Highest quality and accuracy
• High reliability metal LiterMeter III pump
• Virtually maintenance free
• No check valves to clog or seals to leak
• Self-priming and anti-siphoning
• Hi-limit float switch for fail-safe operation
• High delivery pressure - over 40 psi
• Compact size and cool operation
• Kalkwasser and Chemical safe
• No damage to the pump if run dry
• Quiet operation and low power consumption
• Complete system consumes less than 4 Watts when
    pump is on
• Pump Flow Rate: Adjustable in 10% Steps up to 200     mL/min
• Extended 5-year Warranty

SpectraPure® Ultra-Precise ATO holds your tank’s salinity constant while adding replacement water or Kalc in small doses. The pump can operate in either “fill mode” or “drain mode” when the water level changes. The Sensor Tube can be pre-set to operate with a minimal (0.1") change in water level up to a 4" difference. This calibration is saved even after a loss of power.

The ATO runs on a ten-second cycle. The pump can be on for any number of seconds each cycle, including zero (always off) and ten (always on). After the Ultra-Precise ATO is powered up, use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the ON-time in 10% steps. (This value is also saved even after a loss of power).

The pump used in the Ultra-Precise ATO is the same pump that is in the LiterMeter III™ , the leader in aquatic dosing for over 10 years. Now with our new improved, long life Peristaltic tubing. This is the quietist, most reliable Peristaltic Pump ever made.



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