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Tunze Turbelle NanoStream Water Circulation Pumps

Tunze Turbelle NanoStream Water Circulation Pumps

The Tunze NanoStream propeller pump is a smaller version of the full size Tunze Stream 2 pumps. Utilizing a round ball style design along with the C clamp holder that allows for postioning in nearly any direction in your aquarium. The pump is mounted to the aquarium wall using a powerful magnet mount system allowing the NanoStreams to be used in aquariums built of up to 3/4" glass or acrylic.

The Tunze 6025 and 6045 are non controllable NanoStream pumps which cannot be used with Tunze brand controllers and are not recommended for wavemaker use in intervals of 15 minutes or less. Also be aware these two models chatter at start up as the impeller rights itself to spin in the correct direction. The 6045 also has a manual flow control allowing the aquarist to choose a set speed of the pump from 396 to 1188 gph.

The Tunze 6055 and upcoming 6095 are fully controllable DC powered NanoStream versions. These pumps can be controlled by the Tunze series controllers such as the 7092, 7095, and 7096. Also other brands of controllers such as the Neptune Apex are now offering variable speed ports to control the flow speed and frequency of these and other controllable Tunze pumps such as the 6105 and 6205.

Tunze Non-Controllable NanoStream Pumps

Flow Rate - 475gph

Flow Rate - 660gph

Flow Rate - 396 to 1188gph

Tunze Controllable NanoStream Pumps

Flow Rate - 660gph

Flow Rate - 53 to 1190gph

Flow Rate - 264 to 1453gph

Flow Rate - 528 to 2510gph

Tunze Controllers, Magnets, and Replacement Parts

7096, 7095, 7092



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