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Rossmont mover Aquarium Stream Pumps
We no longer stock the Rossmont Mover water pumps.
Please see our other options available here.

Rossmont Mover Aquarium Pumps


Rossmont Mover Circulation Pumps

The Rossmont Mover is a circulation pump with a very wide and gentle flow due to it's 120 degree output. Though with the addtion of the included nozzle this can be adjusted to about 90 degrees increasing the distance the water will travel. Rossmont's Mover was developed to be as small as possible along with being one of the quietest pumps you can buy. Rossmont created what they call VAS or vibration absorbing system to isolate all moving parts from the external parts. The Mover pumps also incorporate an ACS or auto cleanign system so that while running water is forced thru the pumps reducing deposits on internal parts. The included magnet mount is strong and can hold on glass up to 15mm and the ball joint mount design allows maximum freedom to adjust the pumps direction or angle. Lastly there is a 3 year warranty to stand behind the quality of the pump.

Rossmont Mover M900
900 gph
Rossmont Mover M1200
1200 gph
Rossmont Mover M1500
1500 gph
Rossmont Mover M1900
1900 gph

Mover M series has both a small footprint and along with the highly adjustable it allows the pump to accomodate many tank locations and positions to provide flow in your aquarium. The Rossmont Mover is an excellent choice for cube aquariums as well due to its wide slow flow pattern when used without the concentrator nozzle.


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