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ReefBrite LED Moonlight
This item is no longer available via our online store. Please contact us for availablity

ReefBrite TECH LED Strip Aquarium Lights

ReefBrite TECH LED Strip Aquarium Lights

Utilizing only 3 watt LED’s (driven at 1.5 watts)for maximum performance and output, ReefBrite's LED strip lights produce the same amount of light as a T5 or VHO Fluorescent lamp.

These versatile units can be used to replace any standard strip light or to create a custom lighting system. Because of their unique and elegant design and optimized reflector system, Reef Brite LED strip lights give off very little glare, making them a high definition light source that brings out the vibrant colored details of your aquarium. It gives observers a more enjoyable viewing experience while maintaining shimmer. This ripple or shimmer effect produced by our LED strip lights actually mimics sunlight as it penetrates into the ocean and tropical waters.

Made from extruded aluminum, Reef Brite’s lightweight low profile design allows the LED fixtures to be installed just about anywhere, making them ideal for aquarium sumps and refugiums.

This item is special order, lead time is typically about 3-4 business
days for pickup or to be shipped out from our location.

ReefBrite 72 inch LED Strip
Actual length 71.25", 36 LEDs, 54 Watts Total
Full Spectrum

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