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VHO, Power compact, and Metal Halide lighting by Hamilton, PFO, Aqua Medic and more
In a reef aquarium, lighting is one of if not the single most important aspects of a successful setup. Most corals sold in the aquarium trade have some kind of lighting requirement due to the fact that the are photosynthetic. Varying from "low-light" soft corals such as mushrooms and green star polyps which may only need one or two vho or power compact lamps to intense light requiring clams and acropora which need a strong light source such as metal halide.
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LED Aquarium Lighting

AquaIllumination SOL Modules

AI's entry modol with 72 watts of power and 3 colors of LED

AquaIllumination Hydra Modules

Midtier and currently the most popular model, 7 channels and
colors of LED with wireless capability

AquaIllumination Hydra Fifty Two Modules

The top of the line AI model, 52 LEDs, 7 colors including UV, 135 watts. Great for deeper tanks.

Current Orbit Marine LED

Lower cost and wattage LED fixtures with wireless remote control functionality.

EcoTech Radion XR30w Gen 3

PC programable, 38 LEDs, 7 colors including UV, communicates
with Vortech wireless pumps

EcoTech Radion XR30w Pro

PC programable, 42 LEDs, 8 colors including UV, communicates
with Vortech wireless pumps

Kessil A360N and A360W LED Pendants

Controllable multichip 90 watt LED pendants

Maxspect Razor Nano

Tank mountable 60w LED with 5 colors and built in controller

Maxspect Razor R420R Fixtures

20.5" 120w and 27" 160w versions. Built in controller and comes
with mounting legs and hanging kit.

Maxspect Razor R420R 300 watt Fixtures

Perfect for 48" aquariums. Built in controller and comes with
mounting legs and hanging kit.

LED Lighting Controllers, Mounting, and Accessories

LED Moonlights

Coralvue Moonvue LED Strip

Available in 21, 22, and 45" models

Neptune LSM Module

Moonlight Lunar Simulator for controlling 2 to 5 Neptune LEDs

Reefbrite Flat LED Moonlight

Simple 3 watt blue LED

Rio Mini Sun Moonlight

Available in white, blue or 50/50 LEDS

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