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Aqua Medic Reeflex HQI Metal Halide Ballasts


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AquaMedic Reeflex HQI Metal Halide Ballasts

The Reeflex Cube magnetic ballasts for HQI lamps are an exciting mix of tried-and-true technology and innovative design. The head-turning cube housing certainly makes these ballasts stand out in a crowd but they are not just a pretty face. The advanced cooling architecture features a top mounted fan crowning 4 well ventilated walls for unprecedented breathing room. This means that every component inside gets a generous stream of life-extending fresh air. Life expectancy is a major consideration here and is among the reasons these ballasts were born magnetic. Of course magnetic ballasts deliver a bit more punch than their electronic cousins but that is only half of the story. Every component of this ballast is easily accessible and replaceable by even the least mechanically inclined. This means a lifetime of high performance and minimal down-time. Instead of throwing away an electronic ballast and buying a new one, the Reeflex Cube magnetic ballast can be kept running inevitably with very little effort or expense. Maybe the best part of all is that these beauties are hand made in the USA!

High quality components
Advanced cooling architecture
Strong magnetic performance
A lifetime of serviceability

Available in 150w (M81) and 250w (M80) HQI formats


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