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Piscine Energetics

Min. Crude Protein............69.5%
Min. Crude Fat...................8.35%
Max. Crude Fibre...............2.75%
Max. Ash..............................5.5%

Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp

Completely Natural: Unlike many processed fish foods, MYSIS are (or very closely resemble) a food item which fish would normally contact within their native environment.

High Protein: The protein content is in excess of that normally recommended for growth, maintenance, and reproduction.

High Animal Fat: Mysis relicta make nightly vertical migrations from 360 feet to the surface to eat, then return to 360 feet at daybreak. These migrations require enormous amounts of energy which is stored in MYSIS as animal fat. The consumption of MYSIS makes this energy available to fish for general metabolism, swimming, defending territory, and for reproduction

Sodium Free: MYSIS are truly "freshwater". The lack of salt intake for fish (especially for marine animals) is desirable since these fish are constantly struggling to expel salt from their bodies.

Fish Eat Them: It has been well noted that the most finicky fish will eat MYSIS with enthusiasm. Credible sources (references available) report that discus, seahorses (including the leafy sea dragon), tangs, and butterfly fishes will eat MYSIS eagerly (even when stressed or poorly acclimating)! It is a naturally occurring fatty acid in Mysis relicta that initiates this positive feeding response in fish and only Mysis relicta has such naturally high quantities of it.


Used by over 90% of public aquarium in North America.

FRESHWATER MYSIS (Mysis relicta)
This eliminates the possibility of parasite or disease transfer to marine fish.

As fish don't need to eliminate excess salt, it's easier on their systems. Most other brands offer a coastal, or marine cousin of Mysis relicta.

ALIVE ON HARVEST and immediately flash frozen in premium condition. That's why PE MYSIS is clean and intact.

HIGH FATTY ACID PROFILES (EPA and DHA) are related to the food chain found in deep cold waters, where PE MYSIS is harvested.

OMEGA 3'S. Greater values of Omega 3 can be found in PE MYSIS than krill and enriched brine shrimp.

NO BINDING AGENTS, fillers or water added to packaging.

PE MYSIS does not require the addition of vitamin or color enhancement products.

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