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Sicce Shark Aquarium Power Filter

Siice Shark powerfilter

Sicce Shark ADV Internal Aquarium Power Filter

Exclusive in design, Shark ADV is one of the best internal filters for aquariums.

Shark ADV comes in three versions with different powers: from 400 to 800 l/h, for 90-180l aquariums.

Shark ADV is equipped with the patented magnetic connecting system (MCS) and an air flow adjustment with 4 settings, to compensate low water movement in the tank with grater aeration.

Fast release wall coupling.

Wide angle swivel positioning.

A modular filtering system with interchangeble active-carbon, micro-porous sponge cartridges.

Shark ADV internal filers can work alone as filters or as auxiliary circulator pumps for large aquariums, especially marine.


  • Magnetic connecting system with interchangeable cartridges
  • Wall mount suction cups
  • Venturi system for greater oxygenation
  • Water flow adjusted by head setting
  • Adjustable filter for greater water flow control and for preventing fish from entering the filter.

Shark ADV, one of the best internal filters for aquariums.

Pump Model
Max Flow
Tank Size
Sicce Shark ADV 400 - SIC111
106 gph
Sicce Shark ADV 600 - SIC112
158 gph
Sicce Shark ADV 800 - SIC113
211 gph

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