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Super Reef Octopus XP External Cone Protein Skimmers


Super Reef Octopus XP External Cone Protein Skimmers

Over the last few years cone skimmers have become more popular. Cone skimmers, like the Super Reef Octopus XP external recirculating protein skimmers, are typically more efficient than standard cylinder designs. This is due to increased turbulence reduction as well as often increased chamber size and reduced back pressure. Less resistance and turbulence in the body and especially the neck of a protein skimmer resistance means more skimming ability for the pump to work at its maximum output.

The Super Reef Octopus XP cone external protein skimmers are some of the most powerful protein skimmers you can buy. All Super Reef Octopus protein skimmers are powered by the Bubble Blaster series pumps. While most skimmer pumps are modified water pumps, the Bubble Blaster pumps were designed from the ground up as a skimmer pump first. These 3 year warranted pumps are quiet running while having extremely high air pull and utilizing low wattage. Other features of the Super Reef Octopus XP Cone external protein skimmers are bubble plate, air silencer for increased noise reduction, gate valve on the outlet for easy adjustment, and a drain on the collection cup and the mixing box. There is also a 1 year warranty on the skimmer body. The Super Reef Octopus XP Cone skimmers are available on this page as a in-sump model as well as are available in a internal model here.

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