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Octopus BH-100F Hang-On Aquarium Protein Skimmers

Octopus BH-100F Protein Skimmer

Octopus BH-100F
Protein Skimmer

The BH-100F is a more advanced design of the BH-100. This model has the pump built inside the skimmer body so that only the plumbing pieces can be seen from the viewing area inside the aquarium. It also has an additional baffle area that allows for mechanical filtration media to be used. The Reef Octopus skimmers are powered by the Aquatrance 1000s pump. They are built with high quality acrylic. The Octopus skimmers uses metric plumbing parts. The pump has an improved venturi design and pinwheel impeller.

Filtration Handling
- 75 gallon – Light Filtration Demand 
- 55 gallon – Medium Filtration Demand 
- 40 gallon – Heavy Filtration Demand 

Techinical Specs
Footprint: 13″ x 3.5″
Total Height: 17″

Aquatrance 1000s Pinwheel Pump
Wattage: 9w
Air Draw: 420 lph / 15 SCFH
Water Draw: 350 lph / 92 GPH

Octopus BH-100F
Price - 164.99

If you were looking for this product we would like to recommend the Reef Octopus BH-1000 Hang on Skimmer.

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