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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex and Modules

Neptune Apex System - Neptune's newest and most full featured controller with WiFi

Neptune EB832 Energy Bar Module

Eight relay outlets, built in 1link and 24VDC ports

Neptune EB8 Energy Bar Module

Eight 5 amp outlets, 15 amps total max

Neptune EB4 Energy Bar Module

Three 8 amp outlets, one 12 amp, 15 amps total max

Neptune PM1 Module

PH/ORP, Temperature and IO

Neptune PM2 Module

Conductivity, Temperature and IO

Neptune PM3 Module

Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and IO

Neptune ALD Module

Water and leak detection for your aquarium on hardwood or carpet

Neptune LDK Leak Detection Kit

Comes with two sensors and two open ports for expansion

Neptune LSM Module

Moonlight Lunar Simulator for controlling 2 to 5 Neptune LEDs

Neptune VDM Module

Variable speed module for use with Tunze pumps and some LEDs

Neptune WXM Module

Used for controlling EcoTech products including Vortech pumps and Radion LED fixtures



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